Things to look for in a wedding planner

The wedding planning session can be very overwhelming and, at the same point exciting too. But finding the right wedding planner can be a daunting task if certain things are ignored and overlooked. One can find several Moroccan wedding planners in the country; however, the right selection is significant when it comes to wedding planners. A wedding involves various things that a family is expected to do, starting from organizing the wedding to identifying the right vendors that fit the budget. Hence, you might not be able to juggle so many roles and end up committing mistakes that can be detrimental to the marriage. For the marriage to happen without any interruption, one must ensure the guests feel happy and satisfied.

Therefore, the selection of morocco wedding packages must be performed after considering the things which are detailed as below:

How to choose a wedding planner

As stated earlier, Morocco wedding planners are innumerable; however, it is vital to know the services are of three different types offered by these wedding planners.

What are the things that one must look in for a wedding?

First and foremost, you need to plan your budget. Once you know the budget, hiring would be easy as you will opt for the service according to the budget. Next, let us discuss the things in detail that one must look for while opting for a wedding planner.

Trustworthy and Calm Attitude: With Moroccan weddings happening in the deserts, one can always make changes about the venue of the upcoming wedding. The wedding planner might receive different instructions at different times, and there are possibilities of making changes to the existing plans. Hence, a wedding planner needs to be calm at such stressful times and have enough patience to listen to your wedding plans. Also, you must ensure the wedding planner is trustworthy enough to continue with the organization of the wedding when planning messes up completely. One may go for luxury wedding planning Marrakech as they are well known for arranging a wedding in different venues successfully, thus making them a favorite among people.

One important thing that you must never ignore the personality of the wedding planner must suit you, and a cordial relationship exists between your wedding planner and the family.

Check Portfolio:

These days, the portfolio plays a vital role in every wedding. Hence portfolio checking is indispensable, which is checking previously done work of the planner that you will be hiring. People check portfolios to understand two things, which are the work style of the planner and getting influenced by the wedding so that you can similarly plan your event. While checking the portfolio of a wedding planner, do not forget to consider the weddings handled by the planner before, theme-based weddings, or specialization in the kind of wedding. Also, check familiarity with the different wedding locations and venues, discounted rates offered, vendors that are working with them, the size of the marriage that they have to handle so far, etc. Also, one must not forget to check the Marrakech wedding packages and also check out the portfolios of their previous work. In the end, regardless of the work the wedding planner has done before, you must make sure the services that he is going to provide you with must match your specifications and requirement.

Effective Communication:

Communication plays a pivotal role when it comes to planning an event. While communicating with the planner, you must keep a note of the response time between your text/call or email your planner and the time that he takes to respond to you. Once you understand the time he takes to communicate/answer back to you, it will give you a clear idea of how long your planner takes to get back to you or his clients. Also, the planner must keep the client updated about the wedding preparations so that there is no chance of any miscommunication, and both of you are on the same page. Also, if you are looking for a destination wedding, it is recommended to consult a Marrakech destination wedding and continue to enjoy a luxurious and extravagant wedding. Also, if you are not able to decide on the venue, you may discuss it with the planner before making the final call. Morocco wedding venues in Marrakech are very efficient in suggesting the right places considering your budget, etc.

Structure of Billing:

Not all weddings are the same. Regardless of whether someone wishes to hire a wedding planner for performing particular tasks or for the wedding day or to work with you hand in hand from the beginning, ensuring the existence of proper billing is significant. You need to ensure the bill must follow any of the following structures, such as base free, base free including fees depending on the number of vendors hired, or the hourly rates. Get in touch with morocco party planners in Marrakech and find out the billing structure and discuss the budget openly with them to rule chances of dissatisfaction during the big day.

Weddings at the same time:

Make sure about the number of weddings the planner is working on to understand the amount of focus and attention the planner can give to your event. If it is a big wedding company, then check with them the number of weddings that they have in the pipeline, thus ensuring dedication and attention.

Variations of Morocco Wedding Customs

A Morocco wedding is like no other. Far from simply one ceremony and reception, a wedding in Morocco generally takes place over the course of a few days. The region within Morocco that a wedding takes place in has a lot to do with how long the festivities last. It also varies from family to family.

Wedding customs in Morocco vary depending on where the families are from. Families in different parts of the country have different customs. For example, couples that live in urban cities will often spend more on their wedding. This becomes necessary so that the bride can wear several different dresses over the courses of events. At an urban couple’s wedding, the desserts served are numerous. Couples who live in rural areas tend to have more conservative weddings, though they are beginning to adopt many of the customs urban couples have long practiced.

Throughout the course of the day, socialization is heavily emphasized. Men and women are separated for the social parts of the day. Drinking tea and discussing the couple getting married are the two most common practices during this time. Song and dance sessions often result from the socialization that takes place.

By the time evening has fallen, couples are generally greeted by their guests, who serenade them, with occasional dancing involved as well. Once the vows have been exchanged and a couple is officially married, most take some quiet time alone together while their guests enjoy small bites served before the formal dinner.

For dinner, men and women dine separately. Men dine before women do. No matter who is dining, no one can begin until they have been greeted by the bride and groom, at their table.

Dinner is followed by dessert, before moving the festivities outside. A ceremony involving song and dance then begins. In many cases, this is the part of the celebration that often doesn’t end until the next morning.

Moroccan Wedding Planner

Moroccan weddings call for several planners to be present on the day the bride recites her vows. In Morocco, these people are referred to as Neggafates. Due to tradition, the typical Moroccan weddings ceremony requires their presence. The job of each Neggafate is to help prepare the bride for her big day. This includes assisting her with jewelry. Hair, makeup, and most importantly, her dress.

A great deal of planning takes place within the days leading up to the wedding. Five days prior, the bridal chamber is equipped with a blanket and mattress. In the bridal chamber, the woman to be married takes a milk bath*. Moroccan culture states that this purifies the bride for her wedding day. This is another activity in which the Neggafates assist the bride.

In some modern urban weddings, the bride does not take a milk bath, but more conservative rural weddings still call for this to be done.

Morocco Wedding Packages

When purchasing a Morocco wedding package it is important to find the venue first. This is especially challenging for couples who want to get married during the summer. It is crucial to reserve a venue a year before the wedding. Couples are advised to keep this in mind when hiring their luxury wedding planner in Marrakech.

One of the easiest parts of choosing between wedding packages is the catering. The main reason for this is that virtually all Moroccan weddings include the same menu. Guests are traditionally greeted with orange-flavored almond milk, as well as dates. After that comes sweets (including cakes,) and assorted juices.

A Moroccan wedding dinner typically consists of meat like lamb, chicken, and even sheep. This is followed by a light dessert of seasonal fruit. Throughout the evening certain cookies, cakes, and pastries are served, including Ghriba, ka’ab Laghazal. The festivities then proceed with the serving of the wedding cake, along with coffee or mint tea.

Moroccan weddings typically last the entire night and are officially ended in the morning with a traditional breakfast, which varies in different parts of the country. It can include Msemmen, white Harira soup, and Beghrir.

A more complicated choice is the particular band a couple hires. Moroccan weddings traditions include performers alongside a live band. However, two different bands are needed. One fills the purpose of remaining a companion to the bride and greeting all wedding guests. This band is expected to perform the music style that corresponds to the region of Morocco they are representing. The other band instead plays traditional and local music, as well as pop music.

Marrakech Wedding Organizer

Couples start planning the festivities one year before the date they will wed. This means that they will obtain a Marrakech wedding organizer to help with the planning. For the day of the ceremony, they also need to have an Adoul present to bear witness to the vows.

The wedding organizer can help plan the henna ceremony that takes place the day after the bride and groom’s vows. The reason why the bride gets a henna tattoo is that it signifies optimism, fertility, and beauty. It is meant to bring good luck to the bride throughout her marriage.

Moroccan Wedding Fair

Moroccans take their weddings very seriously. Ancient customs stated that in Colonial times the Berbers were to hold a yearly meeting where marriages, births, and deaths had to be officially registered. Once times had changed, it was decided to keep the yearly meeting, which blossomed into a wedding festival that brought people from near and far to attend.

Single women attend the festival wearing a traditional Moroccan wedding dress. Over the course of dancing and other festivities, they get to know the men in attendance. The festival then concludes with many couples getting married together. To this day, the wedding fair is a popular way for Moroccan brides to find their groom. This continuing tradition has helped boost Morocco’s appeal to tourists.

In the end, once you have decided on the hire or shortlisted a few of the wedding planners, it is essential to perform a reference check. You may get in touch with the recent ones that the planner has shown, thus ensuring the wedding planner you have opted for is the best choice you ever could have made in terms of selecting the planner.

Consult the best Moroccan wedding organizer company Marrakech and hire the wedding planner today!

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