About us

About Us

MoroccoEvents is an event company that was established for the purpose of providing full and complete event planning services. From the very first step of planning an event to the very last step, we are committed to delivering quality service every single time. As an innovative company, we are always on top of all the latest trends in event planning and beyond.

At MoroccoEvents, we are very passionate about how we apply ourselves as we pinpoint every little detail to make sure your event is seamlessly organized. Our team of experts is steeped in innovation, as they are always looking to utilize the latest trends, practices, and technology to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

We have planned events for clients from all walks of life. We consider it a challenge to plan every event to be better than the last one. We are constantly improving our services for the sake of current and future clients. This includes not only managing the events but also envisioning increasingly creative designs.

Our Philosophy

Our vision:
Our vision is to establish ourselves as leaders in consultants and the event planning industry without straying from the principles and values we believe in.

Our mission:
To understand the intricacies of virtually every type of event we could possibly be asked to plan. It is our goal to ensure that each client’s needs and wants are met when it comes to planning their event. We strive to make each event we plan as memorable for our clients and their guests as possible. This is achieved by offering new possibilities that go above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

Our values:
It is important to us that we display our full level of commitment to each of our clients. Our creativity and passion for event planning are what set us apart from all other event planning companies.

Our Promise

Our understanding of multi-faceted events makes us the ideal choice to plan yours. We regularly challenge any status quo we are presented with. Our creativity and presentation skills ensure your event is fun and memorable, no matter what type it is. We plan your event through your eyes so that we can make your vision come to life. The outcome of our events is always on-point and professional.

We’ve always believed in challenging the status quo in terms of presentation, creativity, and quality, as we never rest on our laurels when it comes to design. We are proud of the fact that we always put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and aim to deliver the best possible outcome in an effective, professional, and concise manner.

The complexities of event management are not lost on us. Using our own experiences and expertise, we will plan your event to be more successful than you could ever imagine. All of our events flow smoothly, so you can relax and enjoy the celebration we have planned for you.

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