Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Client Terms and Conditions for MoroccoEvents LTD

Moroccoevents.com wishes to thank you for using our site. These are the Terms and Conditions placed on each of the services we offer. Any work that we take on is subject to these terms and conditions, unless we state otherwise upfront. In the event that terms or conditions are altered, we sign a written agreement with you before your event takes place.

  1. Details of Event Bookings

Bookings are considered provisional until we receive a signed copy of our terms and agreements from you. We will also require a non-refundable deposit. As stated below, Clause 2.4 upholds that this deposit is required and will not be given back to you. Once we have officially accepted your deposit, we will confirm that your booking is complete. We are not legally obligated to keep a provisional booking in the system if you have not signed the agreement and paid the fee within 10 days. This agreement states that the 10 days you have to finalize your booking must be Monday–Friday only, as weekends are excluded.

  • Payments and Pricing
    • After we have agreed on a price, my quote can only be amended if any omissions or errors are found in the original quote. The price quote may increase due to factors out of my control.
    • If you have questions about an invoice, you must submit them to me in writing within 10 days of making the provisional booking. After the 10-day period, the invoice will only be paid if the terms and conditions are met.
    • Your representative is required to confirm your booking and ensure appropriate parties are aware of the payment terms we have set.
    • When your order is confirmed, you must pay a 30% deposit, which will be included in the written proposal that you agree to. The other 70% is officially referred to as the balance you owe to MoroccoEvents.
    • 14 days before your event is scheduled, you must have paid the balance owed.
    • If we incur extra expenses by the end of your event due to changes that you make to it, you will receive another invoice from us for those extra expenses.

2.7 You must complete your payment no more than five business days before your event. If, in the three days prior to the event, new charges are made, you must pay the extra fee, as dictated by clause 2.9.

2.8 You will be required to pay in full to book an event with only 20 business days to go before the event’s date.

2.9. To pay by check, it must be made out to MoroccoEvents.

There is a 3% fee for paying with a credit card.

We must get advanced written notice if you choose a bank transfer as your payment method.

  • How To Cancel

3.1 The 3.1 Clause states that if you make any significant changes to the event, including canceling it, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of MoroccoEvents. Even if you only cancel some of the facilities you had rented for the event, it will affect your agreement. This is also the case if you shorten the length of the event after it has already been paid for.

3.2 If you cancel an event entirely, cancellation charges are applied to your booking. This extends to charges such as room hire, equipment, necessary accommodations, and any food or beverages that were pre-booked. You will also have to settle third-party charges if MoroccoEvents incurs them in the planning of your event.

Details of the Cancellation Clause Percentages

  • Over 120 weekdays (Monday through Friday) before your scheduled event NIL
  • 31 weekdays or fewer before the event’s date: 100%
  • 31 to 60 weekdays before the event’s date: 80%
  • 60 to 121 weekdays before the event’s date: 50%

3.3 Cancellations are official on the day that MoroccoEvents receives written notice from you.

3.4 If you change in excess of 40% of your contract, we reserve the right to notify you in writing that we have canceled your event.

3.5 If you confirm a postponement with us, it is considered an official cancellation if it falls within the parameters of our cancellation clause. If there is a mutual agreement to change the date and it is done more than 130 days before the event, we will keep any payments you have made and you can use them as a credit that can be redeemed the next time you plan an event with us.

In this case, you, as the client, are responsible for the expenses and costs we incur because you postponed your event.

  • Conditions of Liability

Some events may prove to be dangerous for guests. However, supervision of guests is provided for the duration of each event. MoroccoEvents and its employees do not accept legal responsibility if you, our client, personally experience a loss, delay, or damage at an event. This applies to any guests at the event as well. The only exception is if MoroccoEvents is in breach of contract or if harm comes to you or a guest because of negligence on our part.

Certain events may require that any guests in attendance sign a liability waiver that applies to the day of the event. This absolves us of any legal responsibility for anything that goes wrong, unless it goes wrong because we neglected something. If that is the case, you, as the client, cannot be legally blamed.

  • Conditions of Insurance

Obtaining your own insurance for your event is something we always advise our clients to do. When you do, you are protected in the event that MoroccoEvents suffers a loss due to equipment failure, loss of equipment, or loss of suppliers. To have us cover this under our own insurance, we will send the details out separately and then later include the details of the insurance coverage in your bill for the event.

  • Unavoidable Accidents and/or Occurrences

MoroccoEvents will not be held liable for not providing a particular service if circumstances beyond our control dictate that we can’t. This includes accidents, lockouts, acts of God, fire, war, or machinery failure. Under reasonable circumstances, we are permitted extra time to deliver what we promised.

  • Provision of Severance

If our Terms and Conditions become invalid, unenforceable, or illegal, the agreement will be severed. We reserve the right to eliminate anything unenforceable, invalid, or illegal from our original agreement while complying with the remainder of it.

  • Laws That Govern Us

All of our stated Terms and Conditions are governed by Morocco’s law enforcement officials. All parties involved in any agreement with us must abide by the rulings of the court system in Morocco.

  • Full Agreement

The agreement included covers everything that must be mutually understood in order to do business with us. It supersedes anything else that may have been agreed to that is not a part of this agreement. This includes any written and oral agreements you might make with us. Unless we state otherwise within the agreement, the only way the agreement would change is if both parties signed off on it.

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